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All applicants given a conditional offer of employment will undergo a drug screening and a criminal background check.

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I certify that the foregoing answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application and hereby give my permission to contact schools, previous employers, references, and others, and hereby release the company from any liability as a result of such contact. I understand that any false or misleading information or omissions of facts requested in this application or interview may remove me from further consideration for employment. I also understand any state or federal law requirements for the position applying for must be met. In addition, if I am employed, any false or misleading or omissions or facts called for in this application may be cause for subsequent dis- missal at any time without previous notice.

I understand that my employment with the company is “at will” and for no specific term and I may resign or be discharged by the company without notice or cause at any time. I further understand that no oral promise, company policy, custom, business procedure or other procedure (including the company’s personnel handbook or any other manuals) will change “at will” employment relationship between the company and me.

The contents of any employee handbook or personnel manuals, as well as other company policies, are subject to change or modification by the company, solely at its discretion, without notice. I also understand that no supervisor or other official of the company (except an authorized executive, in writing) has the authority to enter into any agreement contrary to the above.

Because the company’s concern for safety and efficiency, we require applicants being considered for employment to undergo drug screening for illegal drug use. In addition, all employees of this company are subject to blood tests and / or urinalysis screening for drug or alcohol use under appropriate circumstances. A criminal background check will be requested.I agree to abide by the company’s drug and alcohol policies and I release the company from liability as a result of its investigation of my criminal background or any checks requested under conditional offer of employment.

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