North Florida truly has some of the most beautiful beaches in the US.  Stretching over 90 miles from Palm Coast to Amelia Island, our beaches are rich in history, natural beauty and wildlife.  There are ten major beaches and state parks found in and around Jacksonville and have become a destination for people the world over.  The beaches in Northeast Florida were one of the first landing spots for European explorers and helped create our amazing history.

Atlantic Beach is a three mile stretch and is one of our most popular beaches, along with Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach.  The beaches are wide, soft sand and beautiful.  You will thoroughly enjoy walking along the water and looking for shells, swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean, surfing, jet skis, windsurfing, kayaking and more.  If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the dolphins swimming.

Atlantic Beach Country Club is just a short walk or bike ride to the beach and you will easily find direct beach access.  The heart of Atlantic Beach is the charming town, filled with great restaurants, fun cafes and clubs, beach shops, and live events with music, movies or art with so much more to do and see.